Internet safety awareness month starts today

Internet Users

Since the inception of the Internet, it has proven to be a wonderful force for many good reasons and most of these reasons, in so many ways, have affected the lives of many across the globe. Many lines of communication, innovations, creativity and businesses are driven by the power of the Internet. Sometimes we are tempted to say these feats of innovation were mostly achieved because the Internet is open and free for all.

Just as the Internet has developed and evolved over time, risky behaviours have also emerged and these are not behaviours tolerated in the physical world but unfortunately, they are condoned online.

It was for this and other reasons that the Internet safety awareness month was birthed by J Initiative.

The Internet Safety awareness month is an annual month-long participatory awareness campaign instituted by J Initiative two years ago to create awareness on the need for people to promote safe Internet use.

So, every day in the month of November, safety tips are shared to make the Internet space better for children and young people.

During the month, J Initiative seeks to remind the public on the need to stay safe and act responsibly on the Internet.

In a press release issued today, November 1, J Initiative said the month-long awareness will span November 1 to November 30, 2017.

“The celebration for 2017 is under the theme “Life Skills For Digital Space” and it goes with the hashtag #NiceNetNovember,” J Initiative, a non-governmental organisation, said.

The NGO further said: “This theme was chosen to create opportunity for all stakeholders to understand what life skills are required of responsible digital life. It is also a way to share with children and young people the acceptable behaviour and attitude required in the virtual world so they do not fall victims to digital footprint challenges in future.”

The month-long campaign seeks to share Internet safety tips, build capacity for teachers and students alike in responsible digital citizenship, sensitize stakeholders on the need to build resilience of children and young people and introduce the Ghana safety guides by Facebook Africa.

J Initiative said this year’s campaign is in collaboration with Facebook Africa, Google, Ghana Education Service, AfricaCERT and Head of States Awards (HOSA).


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