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Why Christian entrepreneurs should invest in assets; Titi-Offei


By Cindy OFORI

The Founder of Pleasant Place, Bishop Gideon Titi-Offei, has advised Christians to have a mind-shift in their quest to become financially successful and create wealth for themselves.

This, according to him, will help raise billionaires for the Kingdom of God.

“Poverty is demonic. The kingdom of God must raise billionaires so that we can determine who becomes President. Money talks and can make things happen. We need to have it,” Bishop Titi-Offei noted at the Tongue Talking Billionaires Conference organized by Kharis Group in Accra about a week ago.

The conference, which was on the theme, “Practical Strategies for Wealth Creation,” is Ghana’s largest gathering of Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders, serving as a catalyst for market place revival.

The Pleasant Place founder said the gospel of prosperity is a deliverance gospel, adding that, “Ghana and Africa have been so poor that we are scared of becoming rich. Your prosperity will start from your thinking. Your mind is the most important tool for your success.

“When you have a billionaire’s mentality, you want to support what people are doing. If you have poverty mentality, you are critical of success. All you need is a revelation and your life will change.”

Bishop Titi-Offei urged young Christian entrepreneurs to invest in appreciating assets and not things that can easily depreciate at any time.

For him, the key to prosperity is the patience to work it out.

“You are a purpose-built individual and whatever you need to prosper is in the inside of you. Be tactical in life. Position yourself tactically to be successful. Don’t be intimidated by what someone else has already discovered.”

“Build and invest in human capital. It’s more difficult to be poor than be rich. It’s even easier to be rich than to be poor,” Bishop Titi-Offei stressed.

He observed that successful people do not play the blame-game. “They do not look at conditions before they make decisions. Mostly, there were even not born into rich families.”

The Man of God added that people are not poor because of their conditions but wrong attitudes.

“It’s not the condition that makes somebody poor or rich. It’s the attitude. Change your mindset and mentality. You should have the right attitude to change your life. If you want to succeed and become financially prosperous, you have to plan it. It must be intentional.  It must not be the charismatic wishes.”

Founder of the ‘Spiritpreneurship’ Summit, Dr. Randy Osae-Bediako, opined that the power for creating wealth does not come from the devil or man.

“God owns the sole right of the power that produces wealth. The enemy can promise wealth but he does not have the power or what it takes to give you wealth. That power is only reserved for God,” he preached.

Dr. Osae-Bediako, who is also Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kharis Group LLC, said God’s responsibility towards man is to give him power; man’s responsibility towards God and humanity is to create or produce the wealth.

“You cannot pray for wealth transfer. Wealth is supposed to be created by humans. It’s not prayed into being.”


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