Top 25 best quality Made in Ghana products unveiled


The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana (EFG), organisers of “Made in Ghana Awards and Business Quality Awards”, on Thursday announced the top 25 best quality Made in Ghana products as the world marks World Quality Day.

A statement issued in Accra by the Foundation and copied to the Ghana News Agency said the EFG conducted a survey to ask Ghanaian consumers for their opinion on the best award winning quality made in Ghana products, which were winning their hearts, minds and wallets.

The statement said the non-ranking list showed not just products which have name recognitions, but the ones truly resonating in the marketplace.

Among the top best quality made in Ghana products in alphabetical order are; Artilin 3A Mate Insecticide paint, Beatex Old Soldier Mosquito Coil, Chocho Herbal Fresh Soap, Duraplast Watatank, Everpack Toilet Roll, Fan Ice Cream, Ghandour Princess Cocoa Butter, GTP Wax Print, GIHOC Mandingo  Bitters, Interplast uPVC Pressure pipe, KANE -EM Pet Bottle, Kasapreko Alomo Bitters, Latex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress.

The rest are; M & G Zintab 10 & 20 mg, Malta Guinness, Margins ID Security Cards, Medi Moses Prostacure, Mohinani Poly Tank, Neat Fufu powder, Nestle Milo, Qualiplast Waste Bins, Unilever OMO washing Powder, Samba Shito, Special Ice Mineral Water and Taabea Herbal Mixture.

The United Nations first introduced the World Quality Day in the year 1990 to increase awareness of the important role quality plays in securing nations prosperity and it is celebrated every year around the world on November 9.

According to the statement, World Quality Day is a perfect day to get people talking about quality, and the value it adds to businesses.

The day was designed to increase worldwide awareness of the important contribution that quality makes towards both organisational and national growth.

The statement said EFG introduced the “Top 25 best Quality Made in Ghana Products” initiative to promote the use of quality and the adoption of effective quality management methodologies by Ghanaian enterprises in improving industrial competitiveness.

“This initiative will be an annual compilation of the Top 25 best quality Made in Ghana products in Ghana to commemorate World Quality Day,” the statement said. – GNA


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