McTrust posted 30.40% Returns on 5th December 2017


McOttley Unit Trust (McTrust) has posted a yield of 30.40% as at 5th December 2017 and is one of the best performing balanced funds in the country. The fund currently has a total fund value Ghs 1.73 million with a scheme membership of over 1,120. This performance can be attributed to the expertise of our portfolio management team backed by accurate and reliable research with robust portfolio management systems that deliver clients request promptly.

This impressive performance by the fund is on the back of uncertainties and rigidities from regulators in the financial sector in Ghana. Most analyst predicted a tight financial year 2017, with treasury bills rates at its lowest since the beginning of the year.

The current Treasury bills stands at 13.34 percent with a year-to-date cedi depreciation of 4.7 percent against all the major trading currencies. The capital market return positive as compared to the negative returns the last two years, and even though interest rates are generally trending downwards on the money market, the fund showed impressive growth.

McOttley Unit Trust (McTrust) is an open ended balanced fund that pools funds from investors and invests in a wide range of financial instruments (equities, fixed income securities). It is sold in units at a price to investors. The funds are pooled together and invested in appropriate securities.

The Trust’s investment philosophy is to generate long term capital growth and make other short-term investments to either maintain liquidity or for short-term defensive purposes when it is believed it is in the best interest of unit holders to do so. To achieve this objective, the Trust has an equity bias when the stock market is performing well and a fixed income bias when the stock market is on the downturn. Unit prices are determined at Net Asset Value per unit.

In 2015 and 2016, at the Ghana Investment Awards, the fund was adjudged the best performing balanced fund in Ghana and the second best performing balance fund respectively. The fund is managed by McOttley Capital Limited the second fastest growing company in Ghana and ranked No. 13th on the Ghana club 100 awards organized by the Ghana Investment promotion Centre in 2017.

Analyst: Mustapha Mensah


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