GUTA clashes with President Mahama over Nigerian traders


    The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) has vowed to resist moves by government to suspend efforts to eject Nigerian traders operating in Ghana in contravention of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Law 2013.

    This comes after President Mahama announced the suspension of plans to eject Nigerian traders.
    Foreign traders operating in Ghanaian markets are expected to have a minimum capital of 300,000 dollars in cash or goods according to the laws of Ghana.

    In 2016, ECOWAS citizens would be issued with the regional bloc’s biometric identification card to ensure free movements of persons and to promote security in the West African sub-region.

    According to President Mahama, “the card would entitle automatically not only Nigerians but all ECOWAS citizens to the right of abode in Ghana if they decided to do so and that automatically will trigger an amendment of the law that requires the capital of 300,000 dollars”.

    But the President of GUTA George Ofori disagrees.

    “We will pursue it to its logical conclusion because as we speak now the GIPC Act actually prohibits foreigners in engaging in retail activities, it hasn’t been amended as we speak. As a union and as an association, going to the law court is neither here nor there, we are a pressure group and when the time comes we can put pressure on any government”, he charged


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