“Ga Mantse” suffers arrest tomorrow ?


A writ has been filed at an Accra High Court seeking to restrain Nii Adama Latse who is holding himself as Ga  Mantse from sprinkling the traditional Ga food called Kpokpoi during this year’s annual Homowo festival in his capacity as Ga Mantse.

The plaintiff, Nii Agyemankese II insists the first defendant Nii Adama Latse is an “imposter” and must not be allowed to perform the traditional rites of the Ga people during the Homowo festival.

The suit filed on August 8, 2017 has six other defendants including David Tackie Commey Lomoko, Jonathan Tackie Commey Lomoko, Samuel Ago Lantei Lamptey.

The plaintiff wants the court to intervene in order to prevent a possible outbreak of violence tomorrow during the celebrations of the festival

According to Ga Paramount Stool Kingmakers and heads of the four Ga Royal Ruling Houses in the Ga State, they have not enstooled any new Ga Mantse under the stool name Adama Latse.

In an angry tone, the kingmakers stressed that Adama Latse who is parading himself as Ga Mantse must be arrested and convicted into prison to serve as deterrent to other troublemakers and recaltrantants in the Ga state.

According to them, per the traditional authority of the Ga State, Principal Kingmaker of the Ga Royal Paramount Stool, (Dr.) Nii Tetteh Kwei II on August 2015 customary and constitutionally eNstooled Dr. KelviN Tackie Abia under the stool name King (Dr) Tackie Teiku Tsruru II as a substantive Ga Mantse to succeed the late Ga Mantse, Nii Boni Amugi II.

They explained that “the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase Tunma We, Abola-Accra are the only traditional body in the Ga Traditional Area which  has the customary and  constitutionally prerogative to validly nominate, select and enstool legitimate Royal candidates hailing from the appropriate Royal Ruling House and lineage, as a substantive Ga Dsasetse, Ga  Mantse and other Traditional Office holders within the Ga  constitutional processes have duly been observed in accordance with Ga Customs and Traditions.”

The Ga Paramount Stool Dzase affirmed that any Royal House that is given the royal mantle to present a candidate for the Ga throne does so through the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase, who in turn confirms the candidate and processes him to be enthroned.

According to the kingmakers, this has been a traditional act of old which has been adhered to by all the four (4) Royal Houses.

Hence, any claimant to the Ga throne who has not been processed by the Ga Paramount Stool Djase is certainly not legitimate one.


They noted that the Abola Piam Royal Ruling House seems to have issues as two (2) gates of the royal gate in Piam – both– are all laying claim to a throne which they (Abola Piam) do not have control over.

According to them “by the February 2, 2015 final ruling of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs which mandated the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase and therefore its Dzasetse to go and do the right thing for the Ga people, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II was nominated, selected and enstooled as Ga Mantse.”

They stressed that in the records of the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase, the Council that groups all the Royal Ruling Houses in Ga, we are resolved in our decision for the final installation rites for King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II as Ga Mantse.

With the Homowo festival of the Ga state beckoning, the race for who will perform the Ga rites in the capacity as Ga Mantse has become intense with a possibility of violence.

This has formed decision of Nii Agyemankese II to file the writ in the Accra High court, praying the court to place an interlocutory injunction on Nii Adama Latse and stop him from sprinkling the Kpokpoi which is the climax of the rites of the Ga people.

He is praying the court to stop the defendant from entering the Ga Paramount Stool House at Abola Tunma We to perform any traditional duties in respect of the festival.



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