Create wealth deliberately for next generation


    …Business moguls tell young entrepreneurs  


    By Cecil MENSAH

    Dr Randy Osae Bediako, founder of the ‘Spiritpreneurship’ Summit and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kharis Group LLC, has urged Christians across the country to adopt the concept of wealth creation as a practical way of securing their destinies as well as that of their future generations.

    The founder of the summit made this comment when speaking on “Creating Transgenerational Wealth” at the 2017 edition of the summit, which was also the fourth in the series in Accra recently.

    The summit is Ghana’s largest gathering of Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders which serve a catalyst for marketplace revival.

    He said Christians must explore time-tested strategies for creating, preserving and transferring wealth to unborn generations.

    According to him, the Bible declares in Proverbs 13:22 that ‘a good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children.’

    And that wealth is great and should be created and transferred to future generations; but unfortunately in our part of the world, many people including Christians do not attempt to deliberately create wealth for the next generation, he explained.

    He noted that Ghanaians push themselves in a certain directions when the economy becomes uncertain and then lose focus of what they are doing.

    He said often times the question is asked: “Are Christians supposed to be rich or poor?”

    According to him, Jesus at age 33 had the whole world following so why shouldn’t the Christian seek riches.

    “In this country, any small thing is taken as success thereby limiting the desire of the Christian to seek more.

    “It is my desire as a Christian to be the richest African on the continent,” he told members gathered.

    “We live in a country where parents tell their children that after school look for a job and when you get a job develop a good relationship with your working colleagues and obey your boss so that you would be paid more,” he stressed.

    When Mr. Richard Dugan, Group Chief Executive Officer of McOttley Holdings, took to the podium, he said he does not do business the usual way because he does business the unusual way as a Christian.

    He said he had walked through the thick and thin at his tender age of 32 doing business in the country.

    He told the gathering that success is getting things right and excellence is getting it better tomorrow.

    He noted that success is different from excellence and that is why people in the same industry can carve a niche whilst others cannot.

    He said Christians in business should see their competitors as partners and create a niche for themselves rather than going into competition.


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