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Binatone sets new records


While all products should be made to be functional and technically sound, there is no reason why that should mean a trade-off for good design and affordability. Binatone is a brand that exemplifies this.

The London based small domestic appliance specialist, who have been in West Africa for 45 years and already a household name in Ghana, are known for making high quality everyday use electrical appliances, backed by a nationwide two years warranty.

Due to the warm tropical climate, every home in Ghana, however small or large, needs a fan in virtually every room. From the parlour to the bedroom. Even a house with air-conditioning can benefit from adding a fan, as it will improve the air circulation within a room and can save the user money due to lower power consumption.

With a constant desire to bring continuously better products to the Ghanaian consumer, Binatone engaged the renowned Italian designer, Gina Gianni, to design a fan that would enhance the décor of any household and become a talking point for any visiting guests.

She worked closely with the Binatone engineers to ensure that good design was paired with outstanding performance and high reliability. The result is the spectacular ITAL-1660.

It looks classy and elegant, some would even say royal! It is whisper quiet in its operation with outstanding air-flow, and best of all, does not cost an arm and a leg. In one single word, it’s COOL.  So much so, that it will be available for you to buy at all the cool stores in Nigeria like Melcom, Shoprite, GAME and leading stores nationwide.

Binatone have been so pleased with the collaboration that the talented young Gina has been commissioned for another exciting Binatone project. She is now in the advanced stage of designing the world’s first Tower Fan with a Bluetooth speaker. Guaranteed to the hub of any modern home, it will be the first ever fan with a DIGITAL MUSIC SYSTEM.

Venu Babu, the MD of Binatone in Ghana said “We are so excited to have this cutting edge products brought to the African and Ghanaian consumer. Products that are designed for the local needs at prices our customers can afford.  The ITAL-1660 looks more like a work of art than a product and we are just 3 months away from launching the Music Fan, emphasizing all the more that Binatone is always looking to bring us tomorrow’s products today”.


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