2,487 jobs created in first quarter – GIPC

    Mrs. Mawuena Trebah- CEO of GIPC

    By CHRISTIAN KPESESE – The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) has attracted 39 newly registered investment projects into the country at an estimated value of $249.49 million between January to March representing the first quarter of 2016. The 2016 first quarter investments are expected to create a total of 2,487 jobs.
    The results of the quarter investment showed a significant increase as compared to 2015 of over 200% in the local component of total estimated value of registered projects.
    The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) component of the estimated value was $157.57 million whiles the local component amounts to $91.92 million.
    Thirty (30) of the newly registered projects representing 76.92% were wholly foreign owed enterprises valued at US$ 163.61 million and constitute 65.58% of total value of the first quarter registered entities.
    The remaining Nine (9) new companies constituting 23.08% were joint ventures between Ghanaians and their foreign partners valued at $ 85.88 million which is 34.42% of the total estimated value of registered new projects.
    A total of 12 investments were made in the services sector at an estimated a percentage value of 60.36%, building and construction at an estimated value of 25.84%, manufacturing at 5.98% and general trading valued at 4.63%.
    The rest of the quarter’s investment includes liaison which estimated at a value of 2.54%, agriculture at a percentage value of 0.40% and tourism at an estimated valued at 0.24%.
    A total of 188 projects were renewed in the quarter under review representing an increase 11.40% compared with an initial investment value of $ 369.33 million.


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